Changing the Way Blood Centers Serve Their Communities

Connecting Communities

1.3 million blood donations a year 10 percent of the U.S. blood supply 75 donor centers 20,000 blood drives 28 states 1,000 hospital customers 30 physicians 5,000 staff 15 quality teams

Services for Blood Centers

Much like hospitals, the nation's blood centers are considering consolidation, cooperation and other unique ways of working together to fulfill their missions. Blood Systems seeks strong partners to join in building upon our shared strengths so that, together, we can deliver the innovation, quality and unparalleled service that exceed customers’ expectations. Blood Systems offers regulatory compliance excellence, world-class quality support, reliable donor testing, effective risk management (including a wholly-owned captive insurance company), valuable shared services, opportunities for innovation and economies of scale across multiple regions.

Blood Centers are Asking...

  • What can we do to continue to improve safety for transfusion recipients and blood donors?
  • What services can we offer to help hospitals overcome challenges related to the quality, safety, availability and cost of blood?
  • How can we open up opportunities to advance our lifesaving mission and benefit the greatest number of patients?
  • What can we do to keep improving our processes, increase productivity and raise quality while continuing to maintain or build a strong financial foundation?

Blood Systems has answers. To arrange for a confidential discussion of possibilities, call Dave Green, Blood Systems President and CEO, (480) 946-4201.



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