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About Blood Systems

Blood Systems corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona

Blood Systems is an internationally known leader in transfusion medicine founded on the principles of quality, excellence and service. Our headquarters are located in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

Founded in 1943 as the Salt River Valley Blood Bank in Phoenix, Arizona, today Blood Systems is one of the nation’s oldest and largest non-profit transfusion medicine organizations.

The Blood Services division, our largest, provides leadership, policy and shared services to its blood centers. It facilitates comprehensive blood service contracting for national and regional healthcare systems. Our blood centers provide blood, blood components and special services to patients in some 1,000 hospitals across the country.

Blood Systems Research Institute generates and analyzes data to aid the US and worldwide transfusion community by recommending testing strategies and technology. Creative Testing Solutions, a joint venture, is the largest independent blood donor testing organization in the country with several high volume laboratories. The BioCARE division distributes therapeutic biologicals and recombinant coagulation factors, including such products as albumin, coagulation factors, fibrin sealants, IVIG and Rh immune globulin. Our CanyonCARE Rx specialty pharmacy is part of BioCARE.


Blood Systems exists to make a difference in people's lives by bringing together the best people, inspiring individuals to donate blood, producing a safe and ample blood supply, advancing cutting edge research and embracing continuous quality improvement.


Blood Systems will build upon our strengths and leadership position in transfusion medicine. We will be respected for our innovation, quality and unparalleled service that exceeds the expectations of blood donors, patients, customers and employees.

RITE Values

RESPECT We recognize the contributions and value of each individual.
Caring · Fairness · Diversity · Safety
INTEGRITY We conduct all of our activities honestly and objectively.
Honesty · Accountability · Compliance · Confidentiality
TEAMWORK We achieve our goals by working together.
Cooperation · Service · Communication · Commitment
EXCELLENCE We strive to be the best in everything we do.
Quality · Innovation · Efficiency · Learning